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Philip Petit - ESFP

Extraverted Sensing, or ‘Se’, is a perceiving function that’s often correlated with physical pleasure & skill.

  • It’s the primary function of ESFPs and ENFPs
  • It’s the auxiliary function of ISFPs and INFPs
  • It’s the tertiary function of ENFJs and ENTJs
  • It’s the inferior function of INFJs and INTJs

Se orients to the physical world through direct sensory perception.

When Se is used in a mature way, it produces greater sensory pleasure and a higher degree of control in the physical realm. People using extraverted sensing in this way will tend to display observable physical skill.

When Se is used in an immature way, it can manifest in the pursuit of pleasure at the expense of long-term consequences. People using extraverted sensing in this way can appear physically unstable and out of control.

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