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Extraverted iNtuition, or ‘Ne’, is a perceiving function that’s often correlated with creativity & wit.

  • It’s the primary function of ENFPs and ENTPs
  • It’s the auxiliary function of INFPs and INTPs
  • It’s the tertiary function of ESTJs and ESFJs
  • It’s the inferior function of ISTJs and ISFJs

Ne engages seemingly disparate regions of the brain when processing input in order to generate novel possibilities in real-time.

When a person uses Ne in a mature way, they maintain awareness of practical concerns and remain calibrated to those around them. People using extraverted intuition in this way will tend to appear clever, witty & in control.

When Ne is used in an immature way, they can become ungrounded and lose touch with practical concerns. People using extraverted intuition in this way can appear overly anxious, impatient and/or unstable.

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