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Learn Your Correct Myers-Briggs Type, Guaranteed!

Get Clarity on Your Type Once-And-For-All

Whether you're brand new to Myers-Briggs or have invested time and money struggling to settle on your type, I guarantee that after our call you'll have clarity.

What You'll Receive:

Clarity on your Myers-Briggs type. After a one-on-one interview, we'll both come to a clear conclusion about your type or your money back!
An in-depth discussion about your type with Q&A.
20 minutes of general discussion and Q&A about Myers-Briggs and how knowing your type can help you with your business, personal goals and relationships.
An optional recording of our call for you to review. (The call will not be recorded unless you select this option)
An email with a breakdown of my assessment of your type, links to learn more about your type, including a list of celebrities with your type and any relevant links (from or relevant third parties) that come up in our discussion for continued learning.
Your Myers-Briggs Type Guide. Your guidebook to understanding your unique gifts and biases so you can achieve positive results in your business and personal life. This covers your cognitive functions and your temperament and can help guide you to a higher purpose through understanding your role in health social and familial relationships.

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Calls are conducted by Zoom or Skype. 

Your privacy is guaranteed. 

Interviews questions are designed to reveal the cognitive processes you use and there's no need to share confidential or private information. Content from our call will not be shared or used for any other purpose without your expressed, written consent.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you're not confident that we've arrived at your correct type or would like a refund for any reason within 30 days of our session then you'll receive a prompt refund with no hassle!

What Knowing Your Myers-Briggs Type Can Do for You

Myers-Briggs can unlock a world of insight, reduce friction and stress and help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

It gives us a powerful language for understanding ourselves, how others are different from us, how to understand and relate to people who are different from us and how to build bridges and work constructively with people who's minds work differently.

Simply put, it creates harmony and understanding and allows us to work together for the greater good.

More specifically, Myers-Briggs can help us:

Improve and repair family relationships
Become more effective leaders
Find career paths that energize and fulfill us
Feel more comfortable in our own skin
Learn what to spend our time on and what to outsource and delegate
Find inspiring role-models of our own type to emulate

But first you MUST know your correct type, in order to unlock the power of Myers-Briggs. 

If you've been mis-typed, have mis-typed yourself or are simply unclear on your type, you may run into some or all of these problems:

It becomes impossible to unlock the power of Myers-Briggs because you don't have an accurate internal frame of reference.
Hours are wasted trying to figure out your type and you only become more confused over time.
You miss opportunities to learn and grow because you feel stuck. 
You misunderstand your strengths and weaknesses, causing unnecessary friction in your life.

Why A Type Reading Sessions with Scott James is The Best Way to Get Clarity on Your Type

For more than a decade I've helped hundreds of people all over the world get clarity on their type, in a wide variety of different situations, whether they're brand new to Myers-Briggs or have struggled for months and spent hundreds of dollars in their search. 

I have absolute confidence that no one else will help you get clarity on your type more accurately or efficiently. Once we agree on your type I'll be able to answer your questions and we can have a meaningful discussion on how knowing your type will help you on your quest for self-discovery and in your business and personal relationships.

Trained and certified by Camronn Huff and Antonia Dodge in 2013
I've worked for competitors and mentored other Myers-Briggs profilers
All calls are done by me, Scott James, so you know who you're getting
Others charge for than $200 for a similar service
Unlike some other services, recordings of our call are optional


"Super helpful. Scott was able to explain my type in a way that helped me understand facets of my personality and functioning in a way that I hadn't before. Thank you so much, Scott!"

Alison Trumbull

"Scott James has helped me TREMENDOUSLY. Scott is a consumate pro, and so passionate about his work. I highly recommend him if you want to take your own learning further, double down on your own skills and super powers, and otherwise max out your relationships inside and outside the musical and artistic world. He is, flat out, the guy.​"

Patrick Cronen

"There's a lot of inaccurate information on Myers-Briggs floating on the Internet, and it is almost impossible to get a proper understanding of particular types and functions all on your own. I'd read tons of articles and even some books on the matter, but it was only through working with a professional like Scott, that I was able to finally clean up my knowledge and ultimately clarify my type. I can't recommend him enough!​"

Miko Wojtczak​

"Scott James is a brilliant profiler who truly cares about helping people. He was able to really get to the issues and figure out my true personality type in a short period of time. It was fun and I felt very comfortable talking to Scott. I highly recommend him.​"

Margaret McClure

"I would highly recommend Scott, he is engaging and inquisitive. I knew my Briggs and he did figure it out, so he is also efficient in his typing. Overall very very fun and awesome person. I got my whole family typed."

Krissy Bocking

"Scott's professionalism coupled with his upbeat and passionate attitude makes for a truly fun and gratifying experience. By the end of our session, my mind was FLOODED with spectacular new information; he gifted me with clarity after years of searching, as well as a deeper understanding of myself.​"

Joseph Christopher

"The personality profile that Scott James did for me recently was a real eye-opener and I truly believe that anyone armed with this information can make lasting changes in their life. Scott was able to ask questions in a way that not only produced useful information he needed for my profile, but also made me more aware of who I really am while answering his questions. I found his suggestions and insight on my own behavior and how I relate others very helpful and appreciated the time he took to explain things thoroughly to me."

Kim Giles

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Not Take a Written Test?

Tests have a high margin for error. It’s impossible for test questions to reliably produce objective answers because impossible for us to be objective about ourselves. They’re also limited by how they’re scored.

In a live session I can ask open-ended questions, we can go down improvised paths, I can incorporate reads on things like body language, vocal tonality and other subtle clues as well.

You can also ask for clarity if you don’t fully understand any questions that are asked.

We can also discuss your type at length and I can answer any questions you might have so you feel confident that we’ve arrived at the correct type.

What Elements of Myers-Briggs Theory Are Used in Sessions?

During sessions I ask questions and look for clues that consider the basic dichotomies (Introvert vs. Extravert, Sensor vs. iNtuitive, Thinker vs. Feeler, Judger vs. Perceiver) and the 4 Temperaments (David Keirsey called these "Guardians [Sensor/Judger]", "Artisans [Sensor/Perceiver]", "Idealists [iNtuitive/Feeler]" & "Rationalists [iNtuitive Thinker]" - I like to call them "Citizens [Sensor/Judger]", "Advocates [iNtuitive/Feeler]" and "Masterminds [iNtuitive/Thinker]). 

These aspects of Myers-Briggs types generally amount to generalizations of the underlying theory of cognitive functions first introduced by Carl Jung, which is what I primarily focus on.

I also look at the individual nuances and quirks of each of the 16 types from having typed hundreds of individuals for more than a decade. 

What If I'm Impossible to Type?

When we get deep into the weeds of self-discovery it can sometimes feel like we don’t fit into any pattern or type. This is fairly common and there can be many reasons for feeling this way.

Type descriptions can be misleading, well-meaning people can offer strong, but conflicting opinions and some type, in particular, are prone to seeing themselves in many lights, thus making it seem difficult or impossible to come to a firm conclusion.

In over a decade I have yet to be stumped. If necessary we’ll spend extra time confirming your type and if, by the end of the session we haven’t agreed on a clear type then you’ll get your money immediately.

Can I Purchase a Type Reading for Someone Else as a Gift?

Absolutely! Just message me through the contact form below to make arrangements.

What If I'm Not Available for a Call On Any of the Available Hours Listed on the Schedule?

Before booking your session you'll be able to see a list of available times. If none of the times available work for you, just message me through the contact form below with your availability and we can likely make it work.

What Happens After I Schedule My Type-Reading Session?

After scheduling your session you'll receive an email with instructions for joining our call usually within 24 hours. This is a manual email that I'll write myself, letting you know that your session is confirmed.  

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